Aluminium is present almost everywherearound us in a vast number of applications in your daily uses.

The chic and smart choice for home appliances

Aluminum home appliances took another step up in futuristic visual appeal in the late 1980s. Inspired by modern look of brushed aluminum panels, manufactures began to produce entire lines of brushed aluminum appliances. Today, the “brushed aluminum kitchen” is regarded as a chic statement of style, ergonomics and efficiency.

The History of Aluminum Appliances

To trace the history of aluminum in appliances is to trace the history of cookware. In 1911, Bernhardt Ziegler, an entrepreneur who had organized his own fire insurance company (while still in high school), set out to find an industry for his Wisconsin home town (West Bend). Impressed by the growth of aluminum cookware companies in other parts of the country, he recruited an investment team and together they invested $7,000 to start a company. The West Bend Aluminum Company was born. West Bend expanded its aluminum cookware product lines for 50 years. In the 1960s, the company pioneered early uses of aluminum in small commercial buffet appliances. During the 1970s, West Bend introduced a new product line called “specialty electrics.” Built with aluminum frames and parts, these included such appliances as an electric pizza baker, yogurt maker, an automatic egg cooker and the “Fryette.” West Bend then brought aluminum appliances to iconic status, in part through television advertisements for products such as the Presto Cooker.